Why Wound Care Solutions of NWFL?

Wound Care Solutions of NWFL provides quality care by skilled nurses to help ensure you heal properly. 

We give personalized wound care management ensuring your wounds heal, reducing hospital admissions. 

Wound Care Solutions of NWFL travels to your place of residence, so you do not have to arrange transportation, significantly reducing costs, time and frustration to you. 

Wound Care Solutions of Northwest Florida
treats all wounds including:

Diabetic Ulcers
Pressure Wounds
Skin Tears

Payment Methods

Payment due when services are rendered. Detailed invoice given post care for insurance reimbursement.
All wound care treatments by this company REQUIRES a physicians orders, detailed progress note from physician with a sign off by attending physician. Please have these ready when contacting the office. 

Here at Wound Care Solutions of NWFL, we collaborate with your physician during the healing process to ensure your wound care needs are met with the highest of standards.
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Reducing Infection Starts at Home

• Wash your hands from the wrists down with soap and water for 30 seconds (say your ABC’s or happy birthday- twice)
• Pay attention to your nails and in between your fingers.
• Only touch your wound dressing with clean, dry hands. 
• Keep your dressing supplies in a clean, closed container away from people, animals, and direct sunlight.
• Keep your wound covered as directed to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into the wound.

Miranda Bushnell, Nurse

After seeing a need in her community for in-home wound care, Miranda founded Wound Care Solutions of Northwest Florida with the sole purpose of restoration and healing, by offering personalized wound care in your place of residence. Skilled wound care at home reduces hospital re-admissions, time, transportation, the pain during travel and financial frustrations you may face as an in-patient. We collaborate with your physician to provide you with the appropriate treatment and ensure your health care needs are met.

Miranda has over 18 years of experience in the acute care setting and rehabilitation care as a Certified Nurse Aid. After pursuing a higher nursing education and for the last eight years she has worked in medical clinic management, rehabilitation and home health care as a Nurse. Her professional goals are to help achieve the highest possible quality of life for her patients and their families. Miranda is driven by a passion for education and healing; and inspired by her three children to always do well to others. 

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